Green flash

Round table

Feral escapes

Échappées férales

Cyrille Bret, art historian, Sophie Houdart, anthropologist, Lotte Arndt and Elvia Teotski

A round table within the exhibition Molusma, presented by artist Elvia Teotski, introduced by curator Lotte Arndt, in conversation with anthropologist Sophie Houdart and art historian Cyrille Bret.

The speakers discuss the living in contemporary art, the agency of materials, and contaminated diversity in a damaged world, “infinitesimal worlds”, populated with “more-than-human-lives”: a feral ecology, an environment of disarray, evolving spontaneously while keeping the imprints of its past exploitation.




Elvia Teotski

from 25 September to 19 December 2021


Green flash

A conversation with the locusts

Marc Dufumier, agronomist, followed by a discussion with Orane Bert and Adrien Aras of Association TERRE, Briqueterie Solidaire and Elvia Teotski

Saturday 11 December 2021

4 pm