La Criée develops its educational programme in a spirit of sharing and experimentation. Cultural liaison activities are based on the centre’s programming, using one of two procedures:

Want to see the exhibitions, be surprised or indulge your curiosity? La Criée offers a range of tours, workshops and excursions.

  • – following up an artist’s project in the context of his/her exhibition with a programme of tours, workshops and discussions relating to the works and the artist’s approach
  • – initiating off-site residency projects by inviting an artist to create a work or try out a creative process in a specific geographical, demographic, architectural or other context; or instigating public creativity via partnership networks in the educational, social welfare, health or social integration fields. These ventures are part of the Territories in the Making platform.

Driven by original art projects, the liaison activities are marked by an ongoing concern with research and renewal, at the art centre, in our region and in virtual space, via the blog Correspondances.
Designed as an exchange medium for groups visiting the centre, the blog is also a locus for educational resources and the creation of games by artists and young visitors.


Individual visitors

Each exhibition is accompanied by a booklet that will help you discover and understand the artworks.
And the liaison team is there to answer your questions or discuss the artists’ approach with you.

In the documentation area – Les Sources – you can consult or buy a selection of books, monographs, catalogues and magazines relating to the exhibitions.

In addition, each exhibition comes with special extras for all: art events, discussions with the artists, crosspiece visit, etc.

Visitor information


Student and adult groups

Organisers: we invite you to contact Visitor Services and decide on the the kind of tour you want, with the emphasis on interchange of ideas and close encounters with the works.

Group tours can be guided or unaccompanied. Advance booking is essential.

guided tours
Guided tours for student and adult groups are scheduled daily from Tuesday to Friday: 10 am – 12 noon and 2 pm – 7 pm.

Each tour is designed in advance with the organisers and can be adapted to specific group requirements.
Duration: 1 hour. The tours are free.

higher education partnerships
As a contribution to the training of students in the fields of the arts, humanities and social sciences, La Criée organises partnerships with higher education establishments: art schools, universities, vocational secondary schools. The activities can include:

  • – encounters with artists and art professionals
  • – tutored projects or applied research
  • – specific exhibition tours
  • – workshops with La Criée guest artists
  • – collaborations on residency, exhibition and publication projects
  • – internships


Young visitors

Tours for young people are scheduled from Tuesday to Friday, 9:30 am – 12 noon and on Wednesdays until 6 pm. The tours are free, but must be booked in advance.

visite “Mini-pousse” (Tours for the Tinies) (crèches and very young children)
awareness and sensory discovery tours
duration: 45 mins

visite “Pêle-mêle” (Kids’ Kaleidoscope Tours) (kindergartens and primary schools)
education and fun: tours that stimulate the eye and get participants to express themselves
duration: 90 mins

visite “Mille-Feuille” (Layer Cake Tours) (secondary schools)
thematic guided tours that tie in with art history and other learning areas
duration: 90 mins

visite “à modeler” (Hands-on Tours) (children and teenagers)
tour of the exhibition followed by a game or experimental workshop based on the artworks and the centre’s educational aims
duration: 2 hours

cultural outings (City of Rennes Leisure Activities Programme)
Thematic tours organised in conjunction with other municipal cultural bodies during the short school holidays: visits to exhibitions, workshops, feedback sessions, etc.

advance preparation and follow-up
In the case of school groups, preparatory tours of each exhibition are available for teachers and educators.
Educational material on various themes is available online at blog Correspondances for tour preparation and follow-up.

Correspondences / Art and culture education project (Primary and secondary levels)
Each season La Criée organises tie-ins with the exhibition programme, in conjunction with teachers and their plans for their classes: these include presentations in schools, exhibition tours, experimental art workshops, correspondence via the blog, and follow-up sessions.



To ensure access to art for all La Criée works with professionals in the health, social integration and legal fields on co-construction of appropriate, no-charge strategies.


Guided tours for mentally and emotionally handicapped adults are organised in conjunction with community associations and carer teams (Tuesday to Friday, between 2 pm and 7 pm. Duration: 1 hour.)
1000 Senses Workshop for groups of multi-handicapped children (Tuesday to Friday, between 9:30 am and 12 noon. Duration: 1 hour.)

exhibitions are accessible for disabled people for individual and guided tours.
Handistar or access from the Halles Central parking area.

Descriptive, sensory and tactile tours for the sight-impaired
one Friday per exhibition at 5:30 pm — duration: 90 mins (advance booking required)

Guided tours using (French) sign language, lip reading and LPC, and magnetic loops
for the hearing-impaired, in partnership with URAPEDA Brittany. For groups: on request, advance booking required. (Tuesday to Friday, between 2 pm and 7 pm. Duration: 1 hour)

For details of accessible tours, see l’agenda de Rennes métropole

Social action
As a partner in the Rennes Métropole SORTIR! programme, La Criée offers accompanied packages for young people, families and adults receiving the RSA minimum income benefit, in conjunction with the CCAS and CDAS social welfare centres, accommodation shelters, etc.

The packages can include thematic events at social centres, exhibition tours, thematic workshops tied in with other art fields, follow-up sessions, etc.

The art centre also contributes to the tuition of social welfare professionals by participating in the Passeurs de Culture training schemes overseen by the DDCSPP, Drac Brittany, Ille-et-Villaine Département, the City of Rennes and Electroni[k].

health/legal matters
Under the provisions of the agreements between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministries of Health and Justice, La Criée can co-construct specific projects in health establishments, institutions for the legal protection of the young, and penal institutions. These projects are drawn up with teams of carers or legal supervisors in the light of the art centre’s programme.

Information and bookings

Carole Brulard, visitor services

Amandine Braud, cultural liaison