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Lotte Arndt

Lili, the Rozell and the Marimba

In its exploration of the relations between artistic productions, local knowledge and present-day creativity, the thematic series Lili, the Rozell and the Marimba, devoted to the contemporary and the vernacular, is accompanied by a journal. The aim being a more in-depth and broader look at the issues raised by guest artists in the course of the exhibitions and residencies punctuating the series.

With a view to drawing up the journal’s content, an editorial board made up of Lotte Arndt, Jean‑Roch Bouiller, Baptiste Brun, John Cornu, Katia Kameli, Sophie Kaplan and Émilie Renard will meet regularly throughout the series. Whether artists, researchers or curators, board members share an attentiveness both to others and other frames of reference, at the same time as they differ in their fields of activity and (sometimes widely) in their points of view.

Writer and curator Lotte Arndt (Paris, France) lectures at École supérieure d’art et design Valence Grenoble, and accompanies the work of artists who critically interrogate the postcolonial present and the blind spots of modernity. She co-curated Sammy Baloji: Extractive Landscapes (2019, with S. Rudolph) at Museumspavillon, Salzburg ;  Candice Lin: A Hard White Body (2017, with L. Morin) at Bétonsalon, Paris, and Candice Lin: A Hard White Body, a Soft White Worm (2018, with P. Pirotte and L. Morin) at Portikus, Frankfurt/Main. With Malick Ndiaye, Marian Nur Goni and Emmanuelle Chérel she currently works on a project on (post-)ethnographic collections in different African and European museums (2019-2021). Recent projects include: Summer Akademy Salzburg (July, 2019, with Sammy Baloji) ; L’intrus. Curatorial Intensive (with N.M. Llorens, Tabakalera, Donostia, December 2018) ; Tampered Emotions. Lust for Dust, Triangle France (June 2018); One Sentence Exhibition, Kadist (August 2018); and the research program The Vacation of the Museum. Decolonize Ethnographic Collections with Cinema (2016-2018). In Winter 2016, she was Goethe fellow at Villa Vassilieff, Paris, and subsequently guest editor of the online magazine Qalqalah (2017).

Her PhD is dedicated to postcolonial negotiations in Paris based cultural magazines related to Africa (2013). She is a member of the research group Global Art Prospective (INHA Paris), of the editorial committee of art center La Criée, Rennes; publishes on artistic strategies that aim to subvert eurocentric narratives and institutions, and co-organizes cultural programs, screenings and discussions in artistic and academic spaces. Major publications include Magazines Do Culture ! Postcolonial Negotiations in Paris Based Periodicals Relating to Africa (in French), WVT, 2016; Crawling Doubles. Colonial Collecting and Affect (with Mathieu K. Abonnenc and Catalina Lozano), B42, 2016 ; Hunting & Collecting. Sammy Baloji (with Asger Taiaksev), MuZEE, Galerie Imane Farès, 2016.



Lili, the Rozell and the Marimba

Lotte Arndt, Jean-Roch Bouiller, Baptiste Brun, John Cornu, Katia Kameli, Sophie Kaplan, Émilie Renard