Léa Muller, photographie argentique, vue de la fôret de la Chalouzais

An afternoon in the forest

D’après les tempêtes

Léa Muller

Aubriais woods

As part of the residency she is leading with the contemporary art center La Criée throughout the 2023-2024 season, Léa Muller invites you to a moment of sharing and discovery of her forest through wanderings and performances. , primitive cooking and tastings.

For four years, Léa Muller has cultivated the three plots of her Chalouzais forest. She plants, cultivates, cuts, lives, tests, observes, combines the wild and the domestic.

The residency that she is deploying there throughout the 2023-2024 season at an invitation from La Criée allows her to invite other artists, researchers, but also neighboring farmers, pupils and students. to share experiences and thoughts on the ground around the issue of regeneration. This sharing of approaches and perspectives will help build links and alliances between species, landscapes and practices. And to ask ourselves: what does it mean to make art? A practice of observation? A practice of sowing and rooting? A practice of repair and regeneration?

D’après les tempêtes (After the Storm) marks a stage in the residence of Léa Muller, who wanted to offer an intimate moment of sharing with the forest and the species that reside there. The scars of the Ciaran storm will be revealed here and there as well as the regeneration experiments that Léa is carrying out to support the natural dynamic processes of her forest.

During their walk, visitors will also have the opportunity to discover plastic and sound research, to participate in a writing workshop, and to discover primitive cooking. Finally, at dusk, a gathering is planned around the cooking hearth to extend this sensory and artistic experience.

  • With Léa Muller and the participation of
  • Johanna Rocard, author and performer
  • Charlotte Beltzung, potter artist
  • Noémie Nocus, archaeobotanist and anthracologist
  • Amélie Taillard, experimental pastry chef
  • Atelier Vivant which brings together students from EESAB, ENSAB, EUR CAPS from Rennes 2 University and the Institut Agro Rennes – Angers



Festina Lente



Residence for research, creation and transmission in a forest environment

Peux-tu imaginer l’endroit dans lequel je vis et où pousse la forêt ?

Léa Muller