Léa Muller, fôret de la Chalouzais

Residence for research, creation and transmission in a forest environment

Peux-tu imaginer l’endroit dans lequel je vis et où pousse la forêt ?

Léa Muller

the Chalouzais forest

Over the past four years, Léa Muller has been cultivating her three plots in the Chalouzais forest. She plants, grows, cuts, lives, tests, observes, and combines the wild and the domestic.

The residency she will be running there throughout the 2023-2024 season, at the invitation of La Criée, will enable her to invite other artists, researchers and experimenters, as well as neighbouring farmers and hunters, schoolchildren and students, to share their experiences and thoughts on the subject of regeneration. This pooling of approaches and viewpoints will contribute to building links and alliances between species, landscapes and practices.

The question is: what constitutes art? A practice of observation? A practice of seeding and rooting? A practice of repairing and regeneration?




Festina Lente


Léa Muller, photographie argentique, vue de la fôret de la Chalouzais

An afternoon in the forest

D’après les tempêtes

Léa Muller

Saturday 09th March 2024

from 3:00p.m to. 7:00p.m.