photo : Raphaëlle Jeune


l’Atelier Vivant

École européenne supérieure d’art de Bretagne

In partnership with La Criée and echoing the Festina Lente cycle, the Atelier Vivant of the École européenne supérieure d’art de Bretagne continues its exploration of transformations in our relationships with living things, with the focus on slowness.

L’Atelier vivant is a visual arts workshop exploring transformations in our relationship with living things. Created in 2019, it is coordinated by teacher-researchers and/or artists Raphaëlle Jeune, Caroline Cieslik and Karine Lebrun.


We suffer from a cognitive dissonance between our lives, driven by technological and social acceleration, and the need to take the time to connect with the world, with others, with living things. For its fourth year, l’Atelier vivant has chosen to slow things down, to experience moments of suspension and attention, of observation and decentering, in tune with life as it slowly mutates and reproduces itself. We’ll be choosing the zones at the frontier between the built and natural environments, but also and above all the forest environment, that of trees, silence or birdsong, the seasons, hibernation and refuge.


A number of events will be organised in partnership with with La Criée, including:

— In autumn 2023, meetings with the forest and landscape artist Léa Muller in her forest at Bourg-des-Comptes, to devise protocols for perceiving the forest in slow motion and experiencing its regeneration.

— On 28 and 29 March 2024, two study days with practical workshops and conferences, with the participation of students from Agrocampus Rennes and ESAD Valence.




Festina Lente