Baptiste Brun

photo : K. Poezevara & F. Urfan

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Baptiste Brun

Lili, the Rozell and the Marimba

In its exploration of the relations between artistic productions, local knowledge and present-day creativity, the thematic series Lili, the Rozell and the Marimba, devoted to the contemporary and the vernacular, is accompanied by a journal. The aim being a more in-depth and broader look at the issues raised by guest artists in the course of the exhibitions and residencies punctuating the series.

With a view to drawing up the journal’s content, an editorial board made up of Lotte Arndt, Jean‑Roch Bouiller, Baptiste Brun, John Cornu, Katia Kameli, Sophie Kaplan and Émilie Renard will meet regularly throughout the series. Whether artists, researchers or curators, board members share an attentiveness both to others and other frames of reference, at the same time as they differ in their fields of activity and (sometimes widely) in their points of view.

Baptiste Brun researches and teaches the history of contemporary art. At the University of Rennes 2 he is codirector of the Masters in Métiers et Arts de l’Exposition, a curatorial course that has organised numerous monographic exhibitions – Sammy Baloji, Harun Farocki, Ben Kinmont, Zineb Sedira, and others – at the university’s Art & Essai gallery. His work focuses on the interaction between artistic creativity, art history, anthropology and psychiatry in the second half of the 20th century, and the epistemology of the history of art considered in the light of primitivism. He has contributed to a range of publications including Almanach de l’Art Brut (5 Continents, 2016) and The Photograph Albums of Jean Dubuffet (5 Continents, 2019), and is the author of Jean Dubuffet et la besogne de l’Art Brut: critique du primitivisme (Presses du réel, 2019). Among the exhibitions he has curated is Jean Dubuffet, un barbare en Europe (Mucem, Marseille; Ivam, Valencia; MEG, Geneva, 2019–2021). In addition he works on lecture-performances critical of authoritarian discourse: Les schizomètres de Marco Decorpeliada, with Marcel Bénabou, Dominique Deliège, Jean-Luc Deschamps, Yan Pélissier and Olivier Vidal; and Les Conférences du Docteur Bâton.



Lili, the Rozell and the Marimba

Lotte Arndt, Jean-Roch Bouiller, Baptiste Brun, John Cornu, Katia Kameli, Sophie Kaplan, Émilie Renard