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Recherche – action

Territoires EXTRA

in collaboration with Emeline Jaret and visual arts students from Rennes 2 University.

La Criée joins forces with researcher Emeline Jaret for a research and fieldwork project.

Taking as her subject Territoires EXTRA, a programme of residencies for creation and transmission, which has been running in Brittany and internationally since 2017, Emeline Jaret will ask how art at work affects the territories and people it encounters, and in return, how a given terrain influences the practices of the artists who live there.

This project, which will culminate in a publication, will be carried out in two phases:

— Between September and December 2023: Fieldwork to meet the people involved in the various Territoires EXTRA sites.

— Between February and April 2024, a research seminar on collaborative artistic practices with Master’s students in visual arts.




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