photo: Félicia Atkinson

Green Flash



European Museum Night

Felicia Atkinson and Élise Ladoué

Starting from the short novel by Don DeLillo Point Omega, whose plot takes place in a museum and in a desert of West America, the dancer Élise Ladoué and Felicia Atkinson play a two-hour contemplative duo with their own language: dance, and music and sculpture.

Barely moving, a hand is stretching, a foot is arching, a ball of earth is forming between two fingers, a guitar drone is taking shape slowly. To improvise in an extended time, to share a territory without speaking same language, to compose an unresolved “suspense”, to invite public to a contemplation as to that of landscape, Both mysterious and never complete, these are materials that make Omega.


Élise Ladoué

was born in 1982. She is a dancer and choreographer. She is notably a performer for Boris Charmatz, Julie Desprairies and Dominique Bagouet. She is part of the Swiss collective La dernière tangente

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Spoken Word (une chanson parlée)

Félicia Atkinson

from 1 April to 28 May 2017