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Ex-tensions, créations africaines et post-colonialisme

The conference Ex-Tensions: African Art and Forms of post-Colonialism will be taking a fresh look at preconceptions about current creative activity in Africa and the complex images of it propagated in the West.

There will be four avenues of exploration.

  • Art and theory «migrations» between Africa and the West, seen from the anthropological, historical and sociological points of view.
  • The engendering of new ways of thinking by the African diaspora in Europe and the United States, and in particular the post-colonial-inflected disciplines that have emerged from Cultural Studies
  • The visual arts, cinema and literature, which will testify to the richness of contemporary creativity in Africa.
  • Exhibition curators, directors of Contemporary Art biennials and movie producers will speak about the diversity of projects under way for production and dissemination of creative work from Africa


Produced works

Manthia Diawara

  • Maison Tropicale, 2008


Hard Rain Show

Ângela Ferreira

from 28 November 2008 to 1 February 2009