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Santiago Quintans et Floy Krouchi

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Festival Autres Mesures

Santiago Quintans et Floy Krouchi

Santiago Quintans, Guitar Counterpoint(s): Steve Reich and beyond

Guitar Counterpoint(s): Reich and beyond proposes an immersive journey around contemporary electric guitar, from its minimalist/repetitive side to the realms of ambient music.

and Floy Krouchi, FKBASS solo

Sound artist and electroacoustic composer, Floy Krouchi questions the sound material from her instrument, the bass. Passionate about microtonality, depth and meditative capacity of sound, she is inspired by Indian music and Rudra Veena (a traditional Hindustani instrument) to explore the potential of the electronically augmented hybrid bass she has designed: the FKBass.




Judith Kakon

from 4 February to 14 May 2023