David Horvitz, 2019

courtesy the artist and ChertLüdde, Berlin

Green flash

performance and concert

Watering a Bellflower

JFDR, David Horvitz

David Horvitz invites JFDR for a common performance in his exhibition La forme d’une vague à l’intérieur d’une vague (The shape of a wave inside of a wave). The installation Berceuse pour un paysage (Lullaby for a landscape), a musical instrument composed of forty tubular bells, is the backdrop for it. A concert by JFDR follow the performance.

Jófríður Ákadóttir, known professionally as JFDR, is an Icelandic singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in 1994. She is known for her solo project JFDR as well as her work with Samis, Pascal Pinon and Gangly and works closely with producer and multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily. Her latest project is a blend of cyclical guitar parts, soft minimal soundscapes, and poetic wonderings of a journey that ends where it began. Drawing from classical, folk, and electronic backgrounds, JFDR amalgamates the sounds of changing seasons, her voice a current that moves from rough seas to smooth waters. But perhaps JFDR shines the most in her capacity as a wordsmith, employing rich imagery to evoke the subtle emotions embedded in each song.



The Shape of a Wave Inside of a Wave

David Horvitz

from 19 January to 10 March 2019


Jófríður Ákadóttir

born in 1994, in Reykjavik, Iceland
lives and works between Reykjavik, Iceland and New York, United States

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