Fabio Viscogliosi, Patio, 2015

Green Flash

Une allure d’expédition

Fabio Viscogliosi

Writer, draughtsman, painter, musician – and more – Fabio Viscogliosi brings the same elegance to all his different disciplines. A bass line, a stroke of the pen, a slit: each Italian-inflected furrow bears the trace of a sensibility marked by tragedy, light-heartedness and an eclectic appetite.

In parallel with the exhibition of his graphic work organised by Spéléographies and the Lendroit gallery, Viscogliosi is presenting another facet of his work at La Criée.

Spéléographies is the international biennial of written forms being offered to Rennes residents by the association of the same name in 2016. With its roots in books and publishing, it promotes osmosis between types of writing – in the literary, graphic, sound, entertainment and other spheres – with an emphasis on interplay between heritage and the contemporary.

Fabio Viscogliosi

born in 1965, Oullin, France
lives and works Lyon, France

01 ArianeMichel_LaRhetoriqueDesMarees-Vol2_La-Criee


The Rhetoric of Tides – Vol.2

Ariane Michel

from 18 March to 22 May 2016



Fendre les Flots

Ariane Michel

from September 2015 to August 2016