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a talk for two

The Anaconda’s Song

(Le chant de l'anaconda)

Pierre Déléage
Seulgi Lee

Seulgi Lee has invited anthropologist Pierre Déléage for a joint talk about common concerns.

The focus will be on oral and written transmission of knowledge in the light of their practical experiences in Mexico. The event will also be an opportunity to look into the points of contact between anthropological and artistic research methods and the ways their findings are formulated.


Seulgi Lee

  • lives and works in Paris
  • represented by galerie Jousse entreprise, Paris
    and Gallery Hyundai, Séoul
  • artist website

Pierre Déléage

Pierre Déléage is a researcher at the Laboratory of Social Anthropology in Paris, where he specialises in the prerequisites for the transmission and stabilisation of knowledge. His books include The Invention of Writing: Prophetic and Shamanic Rituals of North American Indians (1700–1900) and Arctic Folly: The Anthropology of a Delusion.




Seulgi Lee

from 21 September to 17 November 2019