Monique Frydman, Histoires d’A, poster, 1973

facsimile, 104 x 77 cm
courtesy Monique Frydman and Marielle Issartel

Green flash

projection and meeting with Marielle Issartel

Starhawk and Histoires d’A

Camille Ducellier
Charles Belmont and Marielle Issartel

Musée des beaux-arts of Rennes

Starhawk, Camille Ducellier, 12 min, HD, 2017

This interview with Starhawk, American witch, author, and ecofeminist activist was filmed in San Francisco in February 2017 during a research residency with choreographer Nina Santes

Histoires d’A, Charles Belmont and Marielle Issartel, 1 h 30, 1973

During the Spring of 1973, within the context of the struggle for the right to abortion led by activists from the Mouvement pour la liberté de l’avortement et de la contraception [Movement for Abortion and Contraception Freedom], Charles Belmont and Marielle Issartel directed the documentary film Histoires d’A.

Supported by the doctors from the Groupe Information Santé [Health Information Group], Histoires d’A was aimed at providing information on the Karman method, an abortion procedure involving vacuum aspiration.

The film was completely banned, and could only be seen at illegal screenings.

Ever since, Histoires d’A became an emblematic piece of militant, political and social cinema, and has regularly been shown by associations, doctors, feminist groups and in cinematheques.



At the Gates

Maja Bajevic, Camille Ducellier, Monique Frydman, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Jesse Jones, Teresa Margolles, Olivia Plender, Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment

from 15 June to 25 August 2019