Sabine Prokhoris

born in 1957 in Athens, Greece
lives and works in Paris, France

La poule enchantée, 2002

Ingredients: Matthieu Doze, Simon Hecquet, Sabine Prokhoris
Some products from nature (?): rice, bergamot, prawns, salt, strawberries, chickens, rhubarb, mussels, etc.
Some products from art (?): cinema, books, music, etc.
Some intermediary creatures (?): authentically baroque animals, alambic, ginger
Some contemporary issues

With all that, dream. This means cook. This means smell, seek, mix, combine, disguise, condense, move. Transform. Lose, then find back elsewhere. You will taste the trouble of the unknown recognised. That makes you. That looks like you. That alters you.
You will have created : which means reinvented.

“Work from dreams doesn’t think or calculate. (…) it only transforms.”
Sigmund Freud.



Campy Vampy Tacky

Charles Atlas, Leigh Bowery, Brice Dellsperger, Takashi Ito, Michel Journiac, Sarah Lucas, Ugo Rondinone, Francesco Vezzoli, Terre Thaemlitz, Alain Buffard, Jack Smith, Sabine Prokhoris, Matthieu Doze and Simon Hecquet

from 21 March to 27 April 2002