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Words, words, words

Rémi Baert, Mathis Collins, Paul Collins, Helena de Laurens & Esmé Planchon, Émilie Renard

Words, words, words is a key moment in a long-term research project Mathis Collins and Émilie Renard are carrying out via dialogue, polyphony and even cacophony.

This project has its roots in an archetypal conflict that broke out in Paris in 1680, when the Comédie‑Française arrogated to itself the exclusive right to dialogue, as a means of putting an end to competition from street theatre. In their search for ways of skirting the royal edict, street performers found a host of other strategies for making their voices heard. Here our guests will show us how today’s orality and dialogue enable ways of thinking  that digress as distinct from those that progress.




Mathis Collins
& Paul Collins

from 26 September to 30 December 2020