Marcel Dinahet, 1990 – 2010

Marcel Dinahet


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author·sDominique Abensour, Larys Frogier, Jean-Marc Huitorel, Louise O’Hare, Gilles A. Tiberghien

technical characteristics23 x 17 cm
303 pages
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Marcel Dinahet’s work is closely linked to the coastline. Since the early 80s, he has been exploring its surface and underwater landscapes with a video camera. If his early works tackled more specifically – and in an original way – sculpture, with immersive experiments on objects, the transition to the video medium is the outcome of the artist’s research process.

From Cabo da Roca, Portugal, to Cape Wrath, Northern Scotland, Dinahet has built a route from sea charts, dedicating special attention to the path leading him to his destination. Indeed, the aim of the artist at each stopover is to film the seabed and the preparatory work conducted on site to collect climatic data and register local characteristics. The study of his routes and journeys, of his mobility or immobility, of his instruments and procedures, reveals an explorer, walker, sculptor, filmmaker and diver, confronting landscape, merging with elements but also bodies.


Produced works

Marcel Dinahet

  • Figures, 2009
  • Fleuve, 2009
  • Falaises, 2009



Marcel Dinahet

from 27 February to 26 April 2009