Aziyadé Baudouin-Talec, Framboise, (Raspberry), watercolour, pencil, 2019

Green flash

literary and culinary performances

Les nourritures criées

Hilary Galbreaith, Valérie Mréjen, Aziyadé Baudouin-Talec, Barbara Manzetti

As a market is the sonic equivalent of several symphonies, both cacophonic and melodic, performed simultaneously, and as correlations between sounds, words, and flavors are endlessly renewed but impossible to taste, I wished to materialize the program proposed by Albertine in Marcel Proust’s The Captive: presenting an assemblage made out of words that are sung in relation to food and its flavor, in the company of writers, artists and performers. How far can we go until the imaginary world of a flavor carried by melodic words turns into a taste? What impossible correspondences, what parallel worlds may we discover?
Food comes across as a sonic, visual and gustatory landscape. Each artist will provide a text accompanied by a particular food or dish in order to share the taste of their words with the audience.



At the Gates

Maja Bajevic, Camille Ducellier, Monique Frydman, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Jesse Jones, Teresa Margolles, Olivia Plender, Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment

from 15 June to 25 August 2019