Gregory Buchert, Le Musée domestiqué, conférence-performée, festival Hors-Pistes du centre Georges Pompidou, 2015

production: festival Hors-Pistes centre Georges Pompidou and Jérôme Poggi, Paris

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Le Musée domestiqué

The Domesticated Museum

Gregory Buchert

university of Rennes 2, campus Villejean

Begun in 2013, the ongoing project Le Musée domestiqué (The Domesticated Museum) is a patient, in-the-field investigation mingling anthropology, literary fiction and performance: an investigation aimed at listing the history of artworks that have never been acquired.

What happens when a work, subsequent to an exhibition, becomes part of no public or private collection and returns to the everyday domestic world of its creator?
Combining biographical anecdotes, do-it-yourself suggestions and meditation on how an artwork exists outside the ebb and flow of the cultural scene, The Domesticated Museum is an imaginary institution that transforms rejects into rebuses – into a world of meaning.



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