Projet B.O.A.T ® vue du Grand largue, 2015

photo: Nicolas Floc’h


Floating residence and projects

Marcel Dinahet, Nicolas Floc’h, Gabriel Haberland, Morvandiau, Ann Stouvenel and Leila Willis

B.O.A.T® (Boat Of Artistic Research Trip) is an art and education research vessel designed as a mobile studio, a work platform and an annex of the European School of Art in Brittany (EESAB).

Its goal is contact with other territories, cultures and disciplines. B.O.A.T® is a hybrid-powered 16-metre trawler based in Saint Malo. In 2015–2016 its journeys will take it to Saint Nazaire, Lorient, Brest, Le Havre, Ostend and Canterbury.

La Criée is joining the project with invitations to Marcel Dinahet and Nicolas Floc’h, both veterans of the waves, to organise floating residence and projects. Throughout the season the pair will use B.O.A.T® and its voyages and stopovers for fresh encounters and research. For the latter they will work hand in hand with students and young graduates from EESAB, as well as with scientists and other researchers and artists.
Those aboard will respond to the spirit of discovery and the shifts of practice triggered by those same voyages and stopovers. The data resulting from this direct relationship with the elements and different places will enable them to experiment with science-art crossovers and at the same time test out B.O.A.T®’s functioning as a research laboratory as well as its environmental impact.



Fendre les Flots

Ariane Michel

from September 2015 to August 2016


Tas de Cailloux

Fendre les Flots

Ariane Michel