Devil’s Island

Île Du Diable

Hubert Czerepok

publisher·sLa Criée centre for contemporary art, Rennes
with the support of Polish Institute in Paris

author·sSebastian Cichocki, Daniel Muzyczuk, Marek Wasilewski
interviews: Monika Branicka, Marcin Krasny, Bogna Swiatowska, Joanna Zielinska

technical characteristics15,5 x 11 cm
448 pages
english – french
black and white

ISBNISBN : 2-906890-05-7

price29 €


Further to the exhibition Devil’s Island which was held in La Criée from 22 May to 26 July 2009, the contemporary art center publishes Devil’s Island which an extensive monograph dedicated to the Polish artist Hubert Czerepok.

This book constitutes a gathers the whole artistic production of Hubert Czerepok. It also details the works produced on the occasion of the exhibition Devil’s Island. Important Polish theorists and curators drafted unpublished texts as well as interviews with the artist which analyze a dense and complex work.


Produced works

Hubert Czerepok

  • Seances (after Disasters of War), 2009
  • Salvation Islands, 2009
  • Not only good comes from above, 2009
  • Devil’s island, 2009


Devil’s Island

Hubert Czerepok

from 22 May to 26 July 2009