Yves Chaudouët, Dans le jardin avec François, encre sur papier, 2

Yves Chaudouët © ADAGP, Paris 2018

Green Flash


Dans le jardin avec François

(In the garden with François), Morphologie des Éléments

Yves Chaudouët and Yves Arcaix

Théâtre de Poche of Hédé

In a suburban garden on Avenue des Pages, François, alone with a lawnmower and a garden gnome, is talking. Offering us an impressive range of feelings and bursts of energy according to the thoughts that are seemingly being dictated to him.

For this performance Yves Chaudouët has recorded scraps of stories, memories, and audio excerpts from television and foreign radio stations, which are then broadcast in shuffle mode into the actor’s ear for 37 minutes.

Thus each performance is unique, its rhythm being imposed randomly. Hedged in by the spectators, the actor enters and leaves his garden, his ideas, and himself in the course of a sheer physical exploit.


01 florence


La table gronde

Yves Chaudouët

from 13 March to 17 May 2015


Tas de cailloux

Battre la Campagne

Yves Chaudouët




Battre la Campagne

Yves Chaudouët

from September 2014 to August 2015