workshop with Thierry Micoin, The Rhetoric of Tides, 2016, Rennes

photo : Amandine Braud


pêle-mêle game on The Rhetoric of Tides, 2016, Rennes

photo : Quentin Gralepois


pêle-mêle game on L’Epais Réel, Rennes, 2015

photo : Amandine Braud


visit of the exhibition L’Épais réel, lycée Bréquigny DSAA, Rennes, 2015

photo: Amandine Braud


workshop in L’Épais réel,  Rennes, 2016


visit of the exhibition They watched us for a very long time, André Chédid nursery school, Rennes, 2015

photo: Amandine Braud


workshop on L’Epais réel, Loisirs Pluriel center, Rennes, 2016

photo: Amandine Braud


workshop on Sea paintings, Jessica Warboys, Pascal Lafaye school, Rennes, 2015

photo : Nathalie Jourdain


workshop on Étude pour une marche dans la canopée nuageuse d’Abraham Poincheval, Pascal Lafaye primary school, Rennes, 2015

photo : Nathalie Jourdain

reve d'indiens

Indians dreams web book on They watched us for a very long time, Notre-Dame des Miracles  (classe ULIS), Rennes, 2016


Fendre les flots

“Correspondences” is an exchange project, a special partnership between La Criée and schools, recreation centres, and social welfare and health bodies. For the Breaking the Waves season Correspondances offers an opportunity for imaginative involvement with the shoreline, the sea and travel, and an investigation of how we relate to reality, our bodies and the elements.

The project is aimed at groups of young people and adults interested in discovery, research and experimentation in the context of the art centre’s programme. It includes encounters at La Criée and other venues throughout the season:

  • – a presentation of the art centre, its history and the art exhibition professions
  • – a choice of tours of two exhibitions at La Criée
    two visual art experimentation workshops based on interaction with artworks
  • – a research and/or creation project prepared by teachers and educators in the partner establishments, based on ideas triggered by the workshops
    provision of resources: loans of artists’ videos and books, and a selection of books on the Breaking the Waves theme
  • – invitations to the “Rayons Verts” (Green Flashes) events
  • – encounters with professional artists invited as part of the season
    exchanges and networking of artworks on La Criée’s Correspondences blog
    end of season feedback sessions with Correspondances participants Each Correspondance is worked out in discussions with the partners and is modulated according to the interests of each group; the overall aim is to promote discovery and interchange in the light of the artists’ approaches and works.



They Watched us for a Very Long Time

Runo Lagomarsino

from 25 September to 22 November 2015



L’Épais Réel

Bas Jan Ader, Dominique Blais, Katinka Bock, Simon Faithfull, Nicolas Floc’h, Ellie Ga, Giovanni Giaretta / Renato Leotta, Július Koller, Helen Mirra, Abraham Poincheval, Thomas Salvador, Jessica Warboys and Guido van der Werve

from 11 December 2015 to 21 February 2016

01 ArianeMichel_LaRhetoriqueDesMarees-Vol2_La-Criee


The Rhetoric of Tides – Vol.2

Ariane Michel

from 18 March to 22 May 2016


Residency and Correspondances

Humano Plancton


from October 2015 to June 2016



Fendre les Flots

Ariane Michel

from September 2015 to August 2016