Art mediation at the art center

La Criée is open and accessible to all. Whether you're an individual or a group, a young child or a senior citizen, an amateur or a neophyte, La Criée's art mediation program is tailored to the diversity of the audiences it welcomes. For each exhibition, La Criée designs mediation tools, tours, workshops, itineraries or meetings with artists, which encourage exchange, experimentation and the sharing of knowledge.

Visit to the exhibition L'Œuf pondu deux fois by Éléonore Saintagnan, CM1 class, Tregain school, Rennes, 2020

Art mediation outside the walls

La Criée accompanies artists and audiences in twinning projects and residencies for research, creation and artistic and cultural education in various regions of Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine and Brittany.
These projects are developed over the long term, based on the art center's artistic programming, in dialogue with a network of educational, social, cultural and healthcare partners.

Les Merveilles, Gabrielle Manglou, creation and transmission residency, CP-CE1 class, Jean Moulin school, Rennes, January 2024

Digital art mediation

From 2013 to 2024, the mediation team will be investing in digital technology through its "Correspondances" contributive platform. Conceived as a place for exchanges, a space for educational and creative resources, which showcases the productions of visiting groups, and a point for sharing interactive games created with artists and young audiences, it is above all a means of creating sensitive links between mediators, audiences (in particular twinned groups and partners in cultural seasons) and artists, and invites everyone to share their artistic experience. This site, initiated and maintained on the basis of the Correspondances artistic and cultural education programs, is open to all groups wishing to extend their discovery of works and artists at the art center.

In redesigning its website, La Criée has chosen to emphasize the links between its programming and art mediation, giving Correspondances its rightful place on the new site (only available on the French version).

Humano Plankton application, designed by artist Mioshe and developer Tomavatars, 2016-2017