Supporting artistic creation

Produce works of art

La Criée supports artists in the production of their works. This includes financial, artistic, logistical and technical support.

Line Simon, Calendrier Terrestre, 2023, production La Criée centre d'art contemporain, as part of the enhanced support program for the local scene. screen printing with vegetable-based inks on Hahnemühle paper Sumi-e 80g/m², 50 × 20 cm, 100 ex. numbered and signed

Programming exhibitions

La Criée produces three temporary solo or group exhibitions a year. The space, which is transformed according to artistic projects, presents works - most often produced for the occasion - by emerging and established artists working in Brittany, France and internationally.
It also co-produces several off-site exhibitions each season, in Rennes, Brittany, France and abroad.

Exhibition view Molusma, Elvia Teotski from 25 september to 19 december 2021

Programming events

All exhibitions are combined with multidisciplinary events. Performances, concerts, lectures, screenings and collective readings punctuate the program, inviting us to shift the way we discover the work of guest artists.

Alors que j'écoutais moi aussi la Bibliothèque Kandinsky, 8 February 2018, on the occasion of the Alors que j'écoutais moi aussi […] from january 2017 to february 2018

Hosting artists in residence

La Criée develops research, creation and transmission residencies in line with the needs of artists, in partnership with cultural, educational and health facilities, etc.

Flora Moscovici, Certaines peintures se promènent, Residency at Les Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc, Dinan-Léhon from April to June 2018, as part of the Territoires EXTRA program

Associating artists

Each season, La Criée associates one or more artists/curators with its programming. This collaborative format allows us to experiment with a new way of working over the long term, and to be as close as possible to the creative process and the movements of thought.