Suspended Spaces, le collectif sur le site de la Foire Internationale d’Oscar Niemeyer à Tripoli, Liban, 2013

Green flash

Illustrated conference

Famagusta, Tripoli, Beyrouth, Rio : récits suspendus

Jan Kopp, Daniel Lê, Françoise Parfait, Éric Valette from Suspended Spaces collective

Suspended Spaces project started in Cyprus in 2007 and is continuing in Lebanon since 2011. The eponymous collective brings together around fifty international artists and researchers.

“We believe in the necessity of displacement as a method, and in looking at things from a different standpoint. Becoming off-centered both symbolically and geographically. An approach linked with a real situation, a physical confrontation, and a common experience, shared in the field. We do not target a place, a territory or a suspended space; we are invited there out of our encounters. In our turn, we entrust this experimentation and displacement to individuals: artists and researchers.”



Safe Sounds

Ziad Antar

from 13 December 2013 to 16 February 2014



Courir les Rues

Jan Kopp

from September 2013 to August 2014