Julien Bismuth, Letters to an exhibition, performance, La Criée centre for contemporary art, Rennes, 2017

production: La Criée centre for contemporary art, Rennes

photo: Marion Sarrazin

Green Flashes


Lettres à l’exposition

(Letters to an exhibition)

Julien Bismuth

Starting in 2015, Julien Bismuth has done a series of performances in which he addresses an audience in writing.

While the format and setup varied, all of the texts were improvised, and the performances ended once the surface on which he was writing (a piece of paper, a word document) had been filled. For La Criée, he will do a series of related works, writing a series of letters to the exhibition.

The first three of these texts will be composed at La Criée on the dates listed.



Sibyl Sybil

Julien Bismuth

from 24 June to 20 August 2017



While I was also listening […]

Felicia Atkinson, Julien Bismuth and Yann Sérandour

from January 2017 to February 2018