Christian Xatrec, Exist, 2006

Green Flash

point de vue – 61′ (16 décembre 2017 – 15h)

Christian Xatrec

private space, Rennes

For many years now, Christian Xatrec has been developing a practice that he does not want to make public or occasionally in the form of a “two-way” conversation.

The invitation made to him by the curators of the exhibition While I was also listening David, Eleanor, Mariana, Jean, Mark, Genk, David, Daphne, Pierre, Shima, Simon, Zin, Christina and Virginie  led him to agree to share with a wider public, but outside the space of the exhibition, his most recent piece titled point de vue – 61′ (16 décembre 2017 – 15h) a new work especially for the occasion.

The artistic practice of Christian Xatrec is theoretical. It is based on heuristic and hermeneutic research whose production has been freed from any economic or logistical dependence.

In parallel with his research, since 2004 he has been one of the directors of the Emily Harvey Foundation (New York / Venice) where he developed an experimental and collective artistic program at a distance from the official and institutional networks of the art world.

Produced works

Christian Xatrec

  • point de vue - 61' (16 décembre 2017 - 15h), 2017


While I was also listening to David, Eleanor, Mariana, Jean, Mark, Genk, Daphne, Pierre, Shima, Simon, Zin, Christian and Virginie

David Antin, Eleanor Antin, Mariana Castillo Deball, Jean Dupuy, Mark Geffriaud, gerlach en koop, David Horvitz, Daphne Oram, Pierre Paulin, Shimabuku, Simon Starling, Zin Taylor, Christian Xatrec and Virginie Yassef

from 16 December, 2017 to 18 February , 2018



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